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Go2mobile Solutions Ltd.
Go2mobile, Providing SMS Short Message Service software and services to mail servers such as MS Exchange and Lotus Notes. Our services include Go2Mobile - our email to mobile paging from any email program, Server Monitoring / Notification and Database Interrrogation
Date: 2005-3-7 | http://www.skycom.ie

Peninsula Broadband
Peninsula Broadband
Date: 2005-3-7 | http://www.peninsulabroadband.co.uk

PhoneBackup.ie allows you to backup all the contacts in your phone to a secure online account, which can be fully or partially retrieved at any time should you lose, damage, upgrade or have your mobile phone stolen.
Date: 2006-2-27 | http://www.phonebackup.ie

Back up your mobile phone contacts to a secure online account wirelessly, over gprs. Access your contacts online, anytime, anywhere, and if your mobile phone is ever lost, stolen or broken, Restore your contacts to your new phone.
Date: 2006-7-20 | http://www.phonebackup.ie

TaraWAN - Community Wireless Networking in Co. Meath
Date: 2005-3-7 | http://www.tarawan.net

Wide Area Networking, Wireless WAN, Free Space Optics by FastLinks - Leaders in Networking
Wide area networking by FastLinks. They are leaders in the field of wireless wide area networking.
Date: 2005-3-7 | http://www.Wirelesswans.com/

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