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Why we are Irelands No.1 Hoverboard Store:

Welcome to Ireland's number 1 dedicated hoverboard store.

 It is important to point out that all of our hoverboards come with an original Samsung battery that is CE certified which is an EU certification granted to electronics that are deemed safe. Beware of cheap hoverboards on the market that use Chinese batteries. These are prone to over heating and some have even caught fire and burned down houses in the UK and USA. Our hoverboards are 100% safe and certified and you can rest assured that when buying from us you are using top quality parts and we only use Samsung OEM batteries in our boards.

What is a hoverboard?

Hoverboards also sometimes called self balancing scooters consist of a board with two battery powered motorised wheels. The articulated pads on which the rider stands mean that the rider can control the speed of the hoverboard by learning forwards ot backwards and the direction of the board can be changed my slightly twisting the pads. The boards have no handle bars and all control of the board is done via the movement of the riders body.

Hoverboards are a reasonably new invention and they broke onto the scene in 2013. Since then they have become extremely popular with celebreties such as Justin Bierber posting videos on his instagram using these hoverboards.

About our hoverboards:

We have a range of 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch hoverboards with multiple colour options for each hoverboard. Our hoverboards have a maximum speed of approx 12km/hr with a distance of between

15 – 18 kms. Our boards all come with a UK power adapter and Un38.8 licensed battery so you know our hoverboards are safe to use.

About our electrics scooters:

Looking to change how you get to work or around town? We offer a range of high quality, light design folding electric scooters. We believe we have the best priced electric scooters in Ireland. Our scooters can reach top speeds of 30kms/h and have a range of up to 30kms and all of this on a charge of just a few hours. Using electric scooters means that your are cutting your carbon footprint and taking pressure off the road network. We believe this is the future of commutting around town. Check out our full range of hoverboards and scooters in our store and remember that shipping is free on all products.

Why we are Irelands number 1 hoverboard store:

All of our boards come with a 1 year warrnaty so if there is any issue with the hardware we will replace the board no problem. It is important to note that we only sell high quality boards that are CE certified which is an EU safety certification for electronics. We offer free shipping nationwide and customer satisfaction is of the upmost importance to our store. If you have any questions or queries about our products please email sales@it-directory.ie.