Massage guns are now in stock!

Massage guns came on the scene about 12 months ago and we are pleased to finally be able to offer these guns at a great wholesale price. These are going to be a big product this Christmas so get your orders in early or they will be snapped up! We are offering 2 main types of massage guns at the moment. One is the mini massage gun and the other i the LCD massage gun with 6 different massage heads. This is a premium unit and we will be selling this particular gun at €129 including VAT.

The mini massage gun comes with a type C charger so there is no need for a UK plug as you can charge it from your computer or else a normal USB charging plug. Massage guns provide percussion therapy for your muscles so they act like a real massage only you can adjust the force on the massage head depending on how sensitive your muscles are. This means that you can massage your muscles at home effectively without the need to go to a professional physical therapist for this service.

These were a huge seller last Christmas with most suppliers running out of stock in November, several weeks before Christmas. We hope that this year we will have enough stock to fulfill all orders but it is really hard to gauge post Covid what demand is going to be like online this year across all products. We will be adding to this range but this is all we have at the moment and this is all we can get on this side of Christmas.

Other big products this year will include electric scooters and hoverboards as they have been quite popular over the last few years. We are being careful with these products as they have lithium batteries which is always a bit of a mine field.These batteries must be registered with the EPA so that they are safe and can also be recycled. Because of this it is always better to go with an Irish supplier on these sorts of things. To order online please visit Fusiontech and buy online or send a email via the contact us form.

Gaming Chairs For Kids – What to Look For

There are some things that you will need to consider before you buy a gaming chair for a child and the best gaming chair Ireland store. The first is your child’s age. There is no point in spending money on a video game chair if, in 6 months, your child is no longer able to fit into the gaming chair from mestech because they have outgrown it. It may be more cost-effective to buy a video gaming chair like the X Video Rocker Pro Series which is bigger and has every feature that you could wish for.

The next thing to focus on when it comes to gaming chairs for kids is the features that come with the gaming chair.

Their features of a chair will vary greatly depending on the price of a video gaming chair. Some chairs will come with built-in speakers, a wireless facility which is extremely useful if you don’t want wires lying all around the floor. Some chairs will have a vibration feature which is not only great for playing video games but a good way to watch movies and listen to music.

The size and weight of the game chair are also a factor. Do you have space to keep a video game chair permanently, or will you need to move it after it has been used?

Gaming Chairs For Kids Price

Overall, gaming chairs for kids can be purchased pretty cheaply, some even come in at under $30.00. However, you don’t need us to tell you that video gaming chairs at these prices are going to be very low on features, in most cases you are just getting a funny-looking seat to stick in the corner of your room.

The best tactic for buying a gaming chair for a kid is to look at chairs in the middle range. You can get a fairly good gaming seat for your child for around the $100.00 mark, which will come with some decent features, won’t break the bank, and stop your child from looking at you with disgust.

Also, we suggest that you don’t just look at gaming chairs for kids for your child, there are many gaming chairs for adults which can be used by teenagers and younger children, and the benefit of looking at adult gaming chairs is that your child is not going to grow out of it and the chair will not become redundant.