A Review of Popular Hoverboards Under €300

Hoverboards serve many purposes in the modern world. They appear in movies and on television programs. Children play on neighborhood streets on them. Other uses they serve include running errands, commuting to work, students zipping around college campuses, vacationers packing them away to take on vacation with them, and, all sorts of fun reasons. When considering purchasing an electric scooter, that is right for your needs, topics to consider are such things as scooter safety, local laws governing scooters, replacement parts that may be needed for that scooter, what brands of scooters may be available in your price range, and, of course, where to purchase your new electric scooter.
A List of Some Manufacturers and hoverboards With Price Ranges Under €300.

I-Zip hoverboards offers the following scooters with price ranges from €100 to €300: I-Zip 150, I-Zip 200, I-Zip 750, I-Zip 1500, and, the I-Zip 400.

E-Zip hoverboards offers the E-Zip E400 with a Retail price of about €265.

Schwinn hoverboards offers the Schwinn 650 with a Retail price of about €295.

Razor hoverboards offers the following scooters with price ranges from $99 to $200: Razor E100, Razor E150, Razor E200, Razor E200S, and, the Razor Electric Pocket Model, Bella Pink.

When purchasing an electric scooter online, or, locally, buy the scooter from a reputable Dealer specializing in the sale of quality hoverboards, and, be careful, if the Dealer offers off-brand, no brand, or, cloned scooter styles, avoid purchasing them.

Good Questions To Always Ask Online Scooter Dealers.

Address and telephone number, and, check them out with the Better Business Bureau.

Ask about their Customer Services Policies.

Never give out your Internet password, and, only give out your personal information in a "Secure" environment..

Print out the URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Review the Company's Privacy Policy.

Reputable online scooter Dealers have no hesitation with Customers doing these things. If they do, do not deal with them.

Safety Tips For hoverboards.

Never purchase an electric scooter for children younger than 12-years old. For younger children, a non-motorized scooter is suitable for kids over 8.

Always wear a helmet, elbow pads, and, knee pads.

Avoid riding on gravel or eneven pavement.

Do not ride in traffic or in the dark.

Always wear sturdy shoes while riding scooters.

Read and understand the scooter's Instruction Manual.

Never carry additional riders on board the scooter.

Cheap hoverboards To Avoid.

If the scooter comes with a body style with a removable seat avoid purchasing it. Exceptions to this rule are X-Treme Scooters, who manufactures the best quality, best supported Chinese-style scooters on the market. The Patmont Motor Works Go-Ped brand, and, Go Sporting Goods. These two manufacturers are also very reputable manufacturers of motor scooters.

Scooters that come with a diamond-plated aluminum deck and a high watt motor will tend to self-destruct shortly after purchase so avoid purchasing that style of scooter. Again, the exception to this rule is X-Treme Scooters.

Purchase scooters that offer at least a 90 day warranty. The exception to this rule, again, is X-Treme Scooters who offers a 30 day warranty that is upgradable to a 90 day warranty and lifetime Technical Support.

Features of Some hoverboards Costing Less Than $300.

X-Treme X-250 Electric Scooter. These scooters have a Top speed of 13 miles per hour, a 10 mile range, a 250 watt motor, a 250 pound carrying capacity, and, Retail about $225.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter. These scooters are chain driven, have a twist-grip throttle, a Top speed of 12 miles per hour, allow 45 minutes ride time between charges, and, 8-inch pneumatic tires. Recommended ages 12 and older, a carrying capacity of 220 pounds, and, Retail about €180.00.

Schwinn 650 Electric Scooter. These scooters have high capacity 12AH batteries for extended riding, a removable seat, a range of 12 miles, a Top speed of 15 miles per hour, are recommended for riders over 13 years old, have a 240 pound carrying capacity, and, Retail about €295.

E-Zip E400 Electric Scooter. These scooters are power-assisted vehicles, and, are very popular with children because they are a low speed scooter that Retails about $265.

I-Zip 150 Electric Scooter. These scooters have a fold and carry design for easy transport and storage, a safety power system, a twist throttle, a Top speed of 8 miles per hour, a 5.5 mile range between charges needed, 13.5 watts, and, a maximum carrying capacity of 120 pounds. The motor operates on two 12 volt/4.5AH batteries, and, Retails about €120.

Websites where hoverboards can be purchased from include the following, among several others:

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