Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are the perfect way for your kids to learn how to cycle as they learn the essential skill of being able to balance a bike on their own. This means that they will not need stabilisers once they begin to use pedal bikes later in their journey. A balance bike has no  pedals so kids can push themselves along using their feet all while focusing on learning how to balance while on the move. Using a balance bike is a great way to teach your kids how to ride a bike safely. It is essential for kids to learn balance and it is a great way to exercise at a young age.

We offer free shipping all around Ireland on our range of balance bikes. Our balance bikes are 12 inch bikes and they are perfect for ages 1 - 6 years old. They come with EVA tires so they will not burst as well as having comfortable rubber grips for your child. The saddle is adjustable so as your kid grows you can adjust the height of the saddle on the balance bike. Our bikes also have a footrest on the side of the bike so as your child gets more confident riding the bike they can place their feet up on the frame.